• 2014
  • Los Angeles, CA

About CloudKeyz

Are you sick of constantly managing keys, replacing locks, changing insecure verbal access codes, and paying multiple phone bills for those old metal call box intercom systems? Hello CloudKeyz! We’ve taken the traditional access management system and reinvented it to be faster, safer and more convenient for property managers, their tenants, guests and employees. Property managers use a simple web-admin to manage property access and key rights from the cloud and give their tenants and guests the power to move about the property key-free with a cellular-based mobile app and touchscreen interface. CloudKeyz is more than just a common-area keyless entry system — We offer real-time mobile access control, enhanced security and liability mitigation, tenant retention, and more…all with a non-invasive 30-minute install and the monthly cost of a cable bill! In 2017, this is the amenity tenants will ask for.

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