Smart Cities: Verizon Intelligent Street Lighting System

Streetlights are an important feature of any city, but many municipalities see them as the largest drain of funds of any public utility. That’s a problem Verizon wants to help solve with a smart street lighting system.

In the promotional video for this project, a new type of streetlight that functions as a smart hub capable of a number of functions. These lights could be more efficient with when they need to be turned on, and how they are used when accidents and traffic closures emerge.

Beyond being more energy efficient, it is also suggested that these streetlights would enhance the atmosphere of their cities with customizable mood lighting and music.

In the vision put forth by Verizon, each light is connected to the digital grid, and can generate its own reports about usage and other important metrics. Not only that, the fixtures would use LED lights, which only use a fraction of the energy used by incandescent bulbs. Not only that, they do not need as much maintenance.

Locations would also have cloud-based remote control over lights in the system to dim business lights or turn them on and off. Not only that, it was suggested that public alerts could be displayed and announced on the systems in the future as well.