Will Roads Charge Electric Cars?

The company Qualcomm, which is focused on inventing tech solutions, has tested a road designed to wirelessly charge electric vehicles while they drive.

The road looks like a standard road, but down the middle of it runs a shining electronic strip. This strip charges the car through a receptor on the undercarriage, similar to charging pads you can set your smartphone down on.

Leadership of the company expanded on the possibilities the concept opened up.

“Think about taxis lining up at the airport,” says Steve Pazol, Qualcomm’s vice president and general manager of wireless charging in NBC. “As they’re moving through the row, they’re getting a charge wirelessly.” The current system is about 90 percent as efficient for charging electric cars as plugging in, Pazol says.

The company has its hands in a number of different tech projects including AI, drones, smartphone technology, healthcare and features of the auto industry beyond roads that charge cars.

The goal of is to enable electric cars that have smaller battery packs, or drivers planning on making longer trips.