How Does It Work: Privacy Glass

The company Smart Films International wants to change the nature of glass in public transports, rides, offices and residential houses.

Its product Privacy Glass is designed off a PDLC privacy film, also called switchable film, smart film, or smart tint, all designed to make an adhesive window film that allows for conversion between a traditional view to a high-tech display screen with the touch of a button.

As of now, this product is used in commercial offices, hotels, medical buildings, and residential locations as well. Video of the product shows glass bathroom doors, large patio doors, and conference rooms that appear to be normal glass, but then switch opaque in an instant, like a screen.

The film that makes this rapid switch between clarity and opacity possible is actually two films with what switch glass engineers describe as “liquid crystals” between them. The liquid crystals float freely, causing the film to be opaque. When an electrical charge is applied to the film, the crystals are attracted to a grid-like structure, creating gaps that cause the film to clarify.