• 2012
  • San Francisco, CA

About Griddig

The first transaction platform for office leasing negotiations. The griddig platform takes the participants through an accelerated, progressive, streamlined workflow from initial space requirement calculation to drafting and signature of the Letter of Intent. Griddig encourages team effort and collaboration with information, data and shared resources. Tenant-teams form to calculate space needs, search and compare listings and occupancy costs; Landlord-teams form to verify Tenant’s needs, compare prospective tenants’ proposals and net effective rents; and both Teams collaborate to sign Letter of Intent agreements online. Also 1st: Landlords/listing brokers are given control to upload and populate the public site with up-to-the-minute listing updates. Avoid stale information, delays and mistakes with total transactional transparency. Landlords, Tenants, their Brokers and Teams collaborate to speed through the leasing process, getting the deal done right the first time and in record time.

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