Ten Fold: Hotels That Build Themselves

Ten Fold Engineering is developing modular buildings that unfold and unpack themselves on location, with the push of a button. In other words, they “build themselves.”

A Look Into The Future Of Construction

Imagine you are a hotel or resort developer. You buy a beautiful piece of property and decide to build a 30 unit hotel. Using an online app, you would design each unit from the comfort of your office or home. In a few days, each of these units would arrive on self-driving trucks, and at the push of a button, each of your developments would unfold  in exactly the right spot. In case of a natural disaster, each of the buildings on your property can be folded, placed on a truck, and driven to a safe location. This is the world Ten Fold is creating.

Granted most of these technologies are still a few years away, there are a number of practical applications for Ten Folds prefab construction today. Currently they focus on structures for festivals, stadium bleachers, other small popup buildings. Expect to see a lot more prefab construction companies appear in 2018.