Fetch: Robots For The Warehouse Of The Future

After announcing a $25M round of Series B, Fetch has purchased a new office space, reports TechCrunch. The robotics startup now resides in a spacious San Jose South Bay office park, leaving plenty of room for the four-year-old company to expand.

Features include plenty of space, meeting rooms with a robot theme, and a big mock warehouse where Fetch’s autonomous fulfillment bots whir around mostly left to their own devices.

Fetch has been around since 2014, when alumni from Willow Garage, a hardware company based in Menlo Park shut down the same year. Early on, inexpensive research robots sold to universities Fetch Mobile Manipulator and Freight Mobile Robots helped fund the business. These were meant to serve the role of the PR2, a robot by Willow Garage that was once all over the place in its sector.

However, Fetch always had its sight set on warehouse logistics.  “When we started it about four years ago, it was based on some of the work of Willow Garage,” CEO Melonee Wise said in TechCrunch. “We spent a lot of time looking at where the market was going. Manufacturing and warehouse looked like a pretty tractable problem from a robotics perspective.”