Forklift-Simulator: Virtual Reality Training Enters Industrial Workplace

PlayWerk, and Industrial virtual reality company announced the world’s first VR truck after its successful forklift-simulator (Booth C2145). The aim of this equipment is to increase productivity while making their environments safer, reports MMH.

“The VR training component of our solution is immersive, realistic, gamified, interactive, and accelerates individual and group learning,” said PlayWerk CEO and co-founder Stijn Vanorbeek. “The ability to obtain objective data, track insights and adapt training methods, as well as easily rolling out standardized processes to all company locations ensures that safety policies are met company-wide.”

Forklift-Simulator, a counter-balance simulator, was PlayWerk’s first product. Companies around the world have used it to train forklift operators. The company’s new product is a similar VR simulator, except this time it is for reach trucks. Reach trucks are needed in warehouses that feature narrow aisles, and tall vertical stacking of pallets.

“As work environments become more technological and automated, the need for a sophisticated and engaging training system becomes crucial,” said Bram Clincke, co-founder of PlayWerk. “Gamification elements and immersion allow for accelerated learning that ultimately lead to greater productivity and a happier and safer workforce.”

Training and honing reach truck skills in VR are intended to develop confidence among employees and cut down on safety risks and concerns.