OKTA 360º Forklift System

A high-tech forklift could disrupt the space of industrial warehouses by making operations safer and more efficient.

The company OKTA has integrated touch-screen technology with forklifts to create a machine that is more precise, easier to control, and more nimble to navigate.

It is possible to make the case for the need for a better forklift with statistics. Forklifts are among the top five pieces of equipment where most accidents occur. 20,000 workers are injured on average each year by forklifts, and 100 each year are killed.

Okta’s forklift seems intended to be agile compared to its predecessors when you watch the company’s video on the machine. It is shown executing tight turns and placing pallettes full of goods with exact precision all with the help of a mounted touchscreen device. The average direct cost to a company is $38,000 and $150,000 in indirect costs according to the National Safety Council.

This tablet is where the operator finds cruising speed, info on battery levels, even weight and even features to assist dealing with tilting and sliding. Its software is also intended to be customizable, which could mean it would be useful across multiple industries.

This forklift is one dimension of a disruption of warehouse systems, and other industrial real estate locations such as cold storage locations. In the age of same-day delivery and rapid fulfillment, fine-tuning the warehouse process is likely to continue to build room for new startups and tech developments of this kind in the future.