Storage Startup Closetbox Raises $7.3M Series A

The startup Closetbox, which offers “full service storage”, secured $7.3 million in a Series A round, which brings its total amount of funding to $19.8 million. Closetbox competes with MakeSpace, Omni and bigger companies like Pods and Public Storage in its space.

Closetbox’s program includes professional movers who come to your house to do any heavy lifting as well as the actual storage of belongings in a facility. You can search through your belongings using the company’s digital inventory system, where you can also request to have it brought back.

“Our focus on providing no-hassle, safe and secure storage is stronger than ever,” Closetbox CEO Marcus J. Mollmann said in a statement reported by TechCrunch. “We have proven how Closetbox can truly disrupt self storage by profitably offering full-service storage at the cost of self storage.”

Closetbox was founded in Denver in 2014, and the company is live in 88 markets. Unlike Omni, a comparable service, it is not on demand, but you can get your items delivered back to you in a few days.