Birth of the Smart Apartment – 4 Smart Home Videos You Should Watch

The smart apartment movement is still its infancy as a number of problems still need to be solved before every apartment can be considered “smart.” Multifamily owners and developers need an easy way to manage and reset all apartment devices when tenants move out and new tenants move in, cyber security for all these devices is still a large concern, and the biggest problem of all: who fixes a smart apartment device once it stops working?

At the end of the day, the goals of the smart apartment are simple:

  • Increase apartment, home, or condo desirability for potential tenants
  • Increase property value
  • Decrease landlord insurance costs
  • Decrease tenant utility bills
  • Create a safe and convenient place for tenants to live

Currently, the smart home devices are mainly being deployed in single-family homes, but they are being tested in smart apartments by forward-thinking owners and developers. In this video research article, we want to introduce owners, developers, asset managers, and property managers to technologies that are currently being deployed in the home, as we can expect to see these technologies deployed in smart apartments over the next few years.

Brookfield Residential: A tour of one of the first Apple HomeKit homes

by 9to5Mac

In Irvine, CA, Brookfield Residential launched the smart apartment using AppleHome kit devices. Watch Adrian Foley, president and COO of Brookfield Residential, discuss why the company chose Apple devices for the project and what types of devices they decided to deploy in the project.

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Ultimate Smart Home | The Best New Smart Home Tech!

by Kevin The Tech Ninja

In this video, YouTube tech influencer Kevin The Tech Ninja gives us a tour of his new smart home. He reviews a smart mattress and sheets that provide sleeping analytics and can even heat either side of the bed, smart alarm clocks that act as an information center, smart AC, fans, and fireplaces, and home security.

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Ultimate HGTV Smart Home 2018 Tour!

by Danny Winget

In this video, YouTube tech influencer Danny Winget partnered with HGTV to tour their latest smart home in Palmetto Bluff, South Carolina. The smart home’s kitchen has everything from a cabinet that doubles as a tv, pullout drawers and chopping blocks, to the latest smart kitchen appliances. Built-in iPads are installed on walls throughout the house to control everything from lights, to shades, to hidden tvs. The house also comes with a smart bathroom where each mirror doubles as a touchscreen tv/tablet, with hidden coffee cabinets, and smart privacy glass so people can’t see you in your smart shower.

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My Smart Home Setup Tour! (2018)

by Dom Esposito

In this video, YouTube tech influencer Dom Esposito gives us a tour of his smart apartment. This video gives a great look at some of the technologies tenants are installing themselves, from smart lights to smart door locks.

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