Chicago High Rise Creates “Smart Apartments”

Chicago – The firms Golub & Company and Whiz Cribs are looking to make voice-activated technology like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home central to their tenant experience in new “smart apartments,” reports ABC.

These devices enable numerous tasks such as playing music, adjusting the temperature and lighting to be performed in hands-free ways. The goal of the companies is to keep renters connected while they set their phones down at home. Alexa enables this through many connections to smartphone apps on its platform.

“We think this is a trend that’s going to continue to evolve in the marketplace and that there will be more and more features added through this infrastructure,” said Golub Senior Vice President Stephen Sise about the company’s decision to improve certain luxury units in its Streeterville Moment building and others spread over the country.

This means infrastructure changes such as new Alexa-friendly wiring for lighting being installed overhead. Golub will make this upgrade available on request to any tenant. Sise said tenants who opt-in will not see installation fees, but a higher rent. The extra money allows for expert aid from Whiz Cribs, which helps homes maximize Alexa’s potential by connecting the gap between Alexa and their lifestyle and then incorporate it in their living,” Whiz Cribs Co-Founder Jordan Cooper said.

Cooper says Google and Apple are advancing their voice assistant technology as well, though for now he still sees Alexa as the best platform option.

Cooper also believes Alexa will also sustain its compatibility with smart home appliances as this space evolves.