Miimo: The Perfect Robotic Lawn-Care Bot For A Hotel Or Apartment Building?

Miimo is a robotic lawn mower, created by Honda Power Equipment. Like many robotic house cleaners, the Miimo has a number of features that lead to a manicured lawn with minimal owner interaction. Onboard the Miimo is a micro-computer, equipped with a timer and sensors to provide automated and unattended grass cutting capabilities.

Miimo Video Overview

Additional Features Include:

  • Two Models – Depending on your lawn size, there are two different models to choose from that cover 0.37 acres or .75 acres
  • 3 Cutting Patters – Random, Directional, or Mixed
  • Long Life – Miimo’s custom durable blades, ” automatically switch between clockwise and counter-clockwise spinning, decreasing wear and increasing life span”
  • 360º Awareness Sensors – So you don’t hit any guests or residents
  • Recharging System – Intelligently returns to docking system on its own
  • Anti-Theft Security – Each robot is protected by a unique security PIN, which prevents unauthorized access. If lifted, the Miimo sounds an alarm and immediately disengages operation and will only resume mowing when the pin is entered.
  • Quiet Operation – the electric batter and mower means you can operate the device during the day or night

Overall, frequent small grass cutting is supposed to lead to a healthier lawn, but is this technology ready for commercial use? In order to cut lawn edges, corners, or go around obstacles, Miimo comes with a guide wire for precision cuts. So the easiest way to make sure your properties lawn is looking great would be to lay your hole property with Miimo guide wires, and set it and forget it. The biggest obstacle with robotic property management is security. Would an alarm really stop someone from picking up the robotic grass cutter, probably not. Until this problem is solved, commercial use seems to be a year or more away.