Module: Homes That Grow With Their Owners

There is a sense of optimism and possibility in Brian Gaudio’s voice when he talks about Module, a Pittsburgh–based housing startup he co-founded in early 2016. He describes Module as an “operating system” for your home, with the possibility of customizing every space to family needs. It wasn’t to offer new, affordable, and adjustable homes. It serves users a design and technology platform.

However, Gaudio is realistic when he speaks about his efforts to accomplish what dozens of startups have attempted: create high-tech modular or prefab homes that are affordable. He considers it important that general contractors with relatively unskilled labor be able to build the houses.

Module is not trying to become a manufacturer, but instead design a system that offers easy-to-build, easy-to-expand housing products that target young adults.

Using Module, buyers can select from one of three starter modules. They can choose their model based on a “housing personality quiz.” These are then build off-site by a partner, and then assembled by general contractors.

The real selling point of Module’s is its goal of easy expansion. Whether you want an extra room to rent, a studio where you can work from home, or your family is growing, you can attach modules like Lego bricks and expand your space.

Module is an attempt to answer housing challenges including affordability, blight and the labor shortage among homebuilders, which is making construction more expensive.

Gaudio believes his product has a promising future going forward because it is at a size, scale and price that is badly needed, but not being addressed by the market.