Moley: The World’s First Robotic Chef

Moley Robotics has created a solution where every tenant can have their very own world class chef. Meet the world’s first robotic kitchen. The robot is composed of two robotic arms in a specially designed kitchen (complete with stove top, utensils and a sink) and uses motion-capture technology to emulate the precise actions of master chefs, creating a variety of dishes cooked to word-class standards. The robot is expected to hit the market at around $15,000 US.

We could see robotic chefs enter the real estate industry as an amenity in common space kitchens especially in the case of corporate housing or co-living developments. Companies like Roam or WeWork’s WeLive concept who promote shared amenities as part of the “co-living” trend, are perfect examples of how the robotic kitchen could be a value add to tenants.