Portable Robot Builds 3D-Printed House In 48 Hours

A number of 3D printed houses are emerging, each promising the fast, cheap delivery of infrastructure.  Recently, high profile architect, Massimiliano Locatelli, of CLS Architetti and Arup tried his hand at this method. This is the first time an architect of his reputation has been involved with the technology, reports in habitat.

The 1,076-square-foot house was constructed in just 48 hours using a special, quick-drying mortar.  Locatelli believes this technique is the way of the future, saying this house could be constructed anywhere, including “the moon”.

A portable robot built the project, called 3D Housing 05, on site. This was an effort to show how 3D printing can reduce construction waste while still creating a beautiful place.  The 3D printed house is the first of its nature, and can be taken apart and reassembled elsewhere if desired.

The house delivers the style one might expect from Locatelli. The single-story home has four separate spaces, curving walls, and printed textures to infuse the concrete space with warmth and life. Architects utilized a Cybe mobile 3D concrete printer and a special mortar called CyBe MORTAR. It takes 5 minutes for the materials to set, and the full drying out time takes 24 hours, much faster than the 28 days required for traditional concrete.

“My vision was to integrate new, more organic shapes in the surrounding landscapes or urban architecture…. The challenges are the project’s five key values: creativity, sustainability, flexibility, affordability and rapidity. The opportunity is to be a protagonist of a new revolution in architecture,” Locatelli said in Wallpaper*.

Arup and CLS Architetti unveiled the design at the  Salone del Mobile festival in the grand Piazza Cesare Beccaria.

Video via Mashable: