Smart Kitchen: Whirlpool Interactive Cooktop

Whirlpool showcased an interactive cooktop that not only cooks meals but offers all the functionality of touchscreen technology.

The product was first on display at CES in 2014, but the concept, which was received well by guests, and 2018 market research of the concept found that major tech names such as Midea, Bosch, GE, and about a dozen more are interested in penetrating the smart kitchen market via partnerships and collaborations.

“[This cooktop] combines the process of cooking and all the social and media interactions that people deal with on a day to day basis whether it’s texting, whether it’s Facebook posts…it combines them into one user experience,” Chris Quatrochi, director of user experience said.

The video from CES shows a smooth, flat surface onto which images of burners and stovetop controls are projected. The surface offers touchscreen functionality for pulling up all the recipes and instructional materials the internet has to offer. One clear advantage of using the projection is that combining a touchscreen phone or tablet with cooking activities often results in a screen covered in a splatter of olive oil or a dusting of flour. There was also mention of making the cooktop able to help you keep track of what you need and what you’re running out with side displays all while you keep an eye on a simmering pan.

Investor interest in the smart kitchen space is heating up as research explores growth rate, market trends and drivers, key vendors, opportunities, strengths and weaknesses according to Investor Opinion.