Vero – New Leasing Rental App For Quick Tenant Approval

Surecave has launched a new app called Vero that allows renters to securely link their salary and employment information direct from their bank accounts onto an online rental application drastically reducing the time needed to complete a rental application.

The new tenant screening tool, Vero, eliminates all third-party documents (W2s, pay stubs, driver’s license) from the application process and validates an applicant’s identity, employer, duration of employment and monthly income in the digital apartment application itself according to Surecave’s CEO Louis Baugier. Mobile optimized, Vero enables apartment applicants to complete and submit an application within minutes of touring an apartment or being invited by a leasing agent.

“Besides the obvious benefit of reduced fraud, Vero’s simplicity drastically accelerates the speed of the application process and improves an agent’s ability to make an informed decision about the quality of a given applicant,” said Baugier. “Ultimately, this translates into a larger tenant pool, higher conversion ratios, and less eviction risk.”