7 Modern Empowered Workplace Elements Your Team Should Be Discussing

The integration of Smart Home-like systems for offices are poised to disrupt business operations not just for global interaction between businesses, but hyperlocal workflows as well.

While concerns about security and reliable accessibility related to cloud storage remain, employers do see the benefits of integrating functions from indoor lighting to how meeting rooms are booked using automated systems optimized with artificial intelligence.

While there are dozens of platforms and apps, and a growing number of AI bots to choose from, here are seven broad concepts that could come to define a cutting edge work place in the coming years.

1 – Project Management

Accountability is everything, and any new system that can present an exceptional system for organizing tasks and following up on their completion will become crucial as digital systems increasingly let one person be the hub of a complex set of goals.

2 – Electronic Accounting Services

A reliable fully-automated ledger capable of calling forth and presenting important data could save business owners undue stress and untold amounts of time and money in the future.

3 – Greater Access to Collaboration

Digital connectivity is going to continue to remove barriers for collaboration. We have only begun to see what will be possible when it comes to organization and efficiency in this realm.

4 – Cybersecurity

Powerful firewalls and sophisticated encryptions and authentication methods will not just become harder to crack, but simpler for workers to operate requiring less time spent digging through tedious login pages for passwords and other information.

5 – Video Conferencing

Despite being a daily part of many operations, these systems still tend to buffer, crash and delay information and meetings. In the future they will be more reliable and of a higher visual and audio quality. Best practices in terms of camera and mic placement, lighting and acoustics will become more common knowledge as comfort increases with this tech.

6 – Chatbots

How often do people ask questions you’ve already answered on your FAQ? Chatbots are likely to step into the role of delivering a pitch or answering questions you’ve given millions of times. Like most business people, you can often predict the question a new partner or client is going to ask you next. As chatbots improve, it’s possible they will take over this part of operations.

7 – Cloud Infrastructure

This is logically situated to become an indispensable tool that proliferates hand-in-hand with more frequent remote working. Some employers expect it to become so effective, it completely replaces physical storage infrastructure.