Architects Use Microsoft HoloLens To Design Buildings

Architects are designing buildings using technology that calls to mind Tony Stark’s 3D holographic lab in the popular Iron Man movies.

The Microsoft HoloLens is a set of augmented reality eyeglasses that create visual models that architects can interact with in a tactile way. A video about the project shows an architect wearing the headset, and manipulating blue 3D models that appear projected in space by the headset, and super imposing them over a real-life 3D table model.

Using different gestures he can expand, shrink, and copy different sections of the building as he works on the structure. The glasses incorporate speakers that do not drown out the real world, but create the illusion of holograms making different sounds as you interact with them.

The headset gets the models from 3D designs made on screen. Once uploaded into the headset, there are numerous options for tactile interaction.

This is a good example of how technological innovation is changing the world of real estate on multiple levels, not just how it is shown, bought and sold, but how it is designed and built.