Convene Acquires Beco

Convene, a rapidly-growing workplace hospitality platform, announced that it acquired Beco, a mobile workplace analytics platform. As of May 1st 2018, Beco became a portfolio company under Convene’ growing tech-enabled business.

Tom Zampini, CEO of Beco, will become the Chief Product Officer of Convene, teaming up tightly with Jim Schorno, Convene’s Chief Information Officer to create next-generation workplace technology solutions for commercial real estate landlords and enterprise companies.

Beco’s goal is to create a friction-free workplace experience via its patented location and mobile software. The data platform of the company and solar-powered beacons let people connect with physical places, and offer landlords and tenants real-time information such as space occupancy, amenities, and usage.

The acquisition of Beco will help speed up the expansion of Convene’s latest technology business and offer real estate landlord partners of Convene insights and data.

Convene is in the process of beta testing their mobile “smart workplace” operating system in several buildings in New York City, and Convent will soon be partnering with the nation’s largest commercial landlords to combine Beco’s technology product throughout Class A office buildings across the country.

“At Convene, we recognize the importance that space, design, and hospitality have on creating a sense of place. We also believe in leveraging the power of technology to transform workplace experiences for our clients and partners. That’s why we’ve committed ourselves to making technology a core pillar of our company,” said Ryan Simonetti, CEO and Co-Founder of Convene. “In welcoming Beco to the Convene family, we’re partnering with a forward-thinking industry leader to develop a software and data platform to deliver a better workplace experience in traditional office buildings. By integrating Beco with Convene’s existing hospitality services and solutions, commercial landlords will ultimately be able to attract and retain the best tenants while simultaneously increasing asset values for their portfolio.”

“Technology has transformed every part of our daily lives, except the workplace,” said Tom Zampini, CEO, Beco. “Together with Convene, we are uniquely positioned to create an integrated technology platform for Class A building owners to deliver meaningful workplace experiences in a similar way that customers experience service and hospitality at five-star, boutique hotels.”

The formal integration between the two groups will be finalized by August 1, 2018