JLL InSite: Taking The Guesswork Out Of Workplace Planning

A single site hopes to unify the many elements of workplace design such as balancing cost with culture in order to streamline an otherwise challenging process. JLL InSite is a tech tool and service that assists companies to compare locations and visualize new spaces using 3D walkthroughs, complete with integrated budgeting in a process designed to help companies cut down on design development, and reduce costly redesigns.

“Technology is enabling us to visualize space and anticipate costs with increasing detail and accuracy,” said Susan Wasmund, Head of Americas Occupancy Planning at JLL. “But software will only get you so far if you don’t have skilled people behind the scenes. Our team truly understands how space is most effectively planned, used and built, so we are able to provide clients with plans and budgets tailored to their unique workplace strategies.”

JLL InSite combines leading industry expertise with technology to cut down on the risks that come with planning a workplace, and speed up the design process. The company’s architects and interior designers generate accurate test-fits and 3D walk-throughs to let companies understand the budgeting impact of their decision making.

Given a client’s specific program and project type, JLL InSite has the capacity to prepare an in-depth budget within minutes. The tool makes use of data gathered from more than 2,800 projects over 59 markets to make budget estimations that account for furnishing costs and buildouts.

Their experts can offer code-compliant 2D AutoCAD and 3D Revit floorplans and test-fits that architects can use once the planning is finished. The program also includes code-compliant plans for egress, fire escapes, stairwells, restrooms and other standardizations expected from architects. JLL InSite may be used for space types of all kinds including office, retail, education, lab, industrial, healthcare and more.

“A good build-out plan must include an accurate, reliable budget to ensure a tenant’s vision can be realized, said Todd Burns, President of Americas Project and Development Services at JLL. “InSite pulls in cost data that we’ve collected for our Office fit out guide, and allows project teams and our clients to see instantaneously how changes to the plan will impact their budget.”

JLL InSite won the JLL 2018 Da Vinci award, a sought-after award that recognizes and encourages creative solutions to challenge the commercial real estate industry. JLL’s Corporate Solutions provides businesses strategy, services, and technology solutions throughout the whole real estate lifecycle to organizations worldwide.