Meet the San Francisco CRETech Disruptors

DisruptCREs’ famous Meet the Disruptors intro session will featured CRETech startups catering to a variety of aspects of commercial real estate. At the annual DisruptCRE San Francisco conference taking place on Thursday, September 13th, each disruptor will have the opportunity to deliver a 45 second pitch to the audience in rapid fire succession. The audience will get a flavor for each company and the problem they are solving for in the industry. Attendees will then have the opportunity to meet the companies in a subsequent “Dealmaking” session to ask questions and get a rounded education about the products and services catering to them in their local area.

The Bldbox Project Builder, redefines how developers interact with land. More accurate than traditional massing techniques, their proprietary algorithm allows users to engage with land parcels. In its financial viability analysis of a project, Bldbox determines an optimal project type and building design based on a combination of user and market inputs.

Brandcast – is a code-free platform that gives marketing and creative teams end-to-end control over their websites and interactive content. From single landing pages to thousands of custom websites, Brandcast is used by marketing and creative teams to build better websites, faster.


Building Clouds enables owners and managers to connect their building equipment to the cloud to monitor building conditions in real-time and mitigate system failures before they begin.


Prove your value with data-driven operations. Building Engines serves up the information you need to evaluate the performance of your team, track tenant satisfaction, and spotlight operational risk. Everything your team needs to track and complete work orders, promote building amenities, and showcase outstanding service.


Data Soluce was founded by a group of men and women who are passionate about the use of digital technologies in the construction industry. They aim to add value to your property while ensuring data reliability, security, accessibility and coherence.

The Anti-Camera — secure and accurate. Density uses state-of-the-art depth data, computer vision, and deep learning to anonymously count people. Density is used by workplace teams to understand how offices are used.

GeoCV –

Spend your time wisely. Buyers can preview your properties any time, from anywhere, on any device. Preview multiple properties with potential buyers in a single meeting. Accurate dimensions and shapes are extracted from the 3D scans, eliminating floor plan drafters’ human errors.

Real Capital

Real Capital Markets increases the speed, exposure, and security of CRE sales through a streamlined online platform. Buyers and sellers who use RCM have one thing in common—a highly efficient transaction experience with shorter time frames & added transparency.


Commercial real estate and technology firm Real Liquidity is tackling the $5 trillion private commercial real estate investment market, one that has long been plagued by the problem of illiquidity.

Turn unstructured documents into insightful, structured data.Make smarter decisions on fully transparent and accurate data sets.

The Lucid BuildingOS platform centralizes data from utilities, sensors, building automation systems, IoT devices, and other sources to create a 360 degree view of resource use. The system helps organizations improve performance via rich, easy to understand graphical dashboards. Opportunities for efficiency, conservation, improved comfort, and productivity are quickly revealed through the system.

Technology that captures real-time pedestrian and vehicle traffic data to create engaging analytics. Our products are widely used by market researchers, property owners, brokers, retailers, cities, and government agencies. Motionloft’s analytics help you understand how the real world is impacting your business.

Sine is an easy to use visitor management system. Check-in visitors, contractors, staff, deliveries and assets across your workplace.


Spacegrab allows business owners to enter or exit from a leasehold interest in a seamless and cost-effective way. Users can assign their lease or sublease all or a portion of their space by listing on Spacegrab. Prospective tenants can find turnkey opportunities that simply did not exist until now.


TurningArt rotates the artwork at the frequency of your choosing to not only keep your space looking fresh and up to date, but also make it as dynamic as the people who work there. They handle everything, from design and curation to installation and rotation, freeing you to get involved as much or as little as you like. You will have a dedicated Art Advisor throughout.

VirtualAPT –

VirtualAPT develops autonomous robots that capture smooth, moving 4K 360° videos for advertising and marketing in a number of industries. Thier content is web-based and available to a global audience in any language and on any modern device.
On-demand meeting space anytime anywhere. ZenSpace turn your existing unused real estate space into professional meeting rooms for sales professionals, remote workers, freelancers.