Pavegen: World’s Footstep Powered Smart Streets

What if the sidewalks and lobbies of high traffic areas were used to power local infrastructure? The development of this technology would change the way architects, designers, and engineers design retail and commercial spaces and bring another sustainable technology into the property and asset manager portfolio. Pavegen is building a future where footsteps power the world.

Last summer on London’s Bird Street, Pavegen installed a 107 sf floor array to harness and convert power from footsteps into electricity, supplying energy for lights and bird sounds in the area. Using Bluetooth Low-Energy transmitters and a mobile app, shoppers on Bird Street were able to see their steps on the energy-harvesting pavement turn into discounts and vouchers for local retail stores, as well as how much power their brief stroll generated.

Pavegen has already installed this technology in Washington DC and Rio de Janeiro. For Pavegen, the Bird Street installation will, “demonstrate how [their] technology can bring to life the retail shopping experience… As retailers compete with online, technologies like ours make being in the busy high street more exciting and rewarding for people and brands alike,” said Pavegen CEO Laurence Kemball-Cook.