The Future Of Work: Pushpa Gowda, Global Technology Engagement Director for JLL

Through her roles as both DisruptCRE Advisor and Global Technology Engagement Director for JLL, Pushpa is a leader in the commercial real estate technology industry globally. With over 20 years of experience in this industry spanning business lines and geographies, Pushpa’s focus is on sales operations, business development, strategic planning, marketing and communications. In addition to her Global Technology role, she is the Americas Regional Chapter Chair of the JLL Women’s Business Network, overseeing content for over 3,000 women.

Pushpa recently joined Cheddar to discuss her 5 Predictions for the Future of Work (scroll down to watch the video).

5 Great Predictions: The Future of Work

1 – Happiness joins the C-Suite – Competition for talent remains fierce, and companies are exploring new ways to get – and keep – the best talent. To explore this topic in more detail, JLL conducted a recent survey to explore what drives workplace happiness, engagement and loyalty. Nearly 90 percent of respondents said they want a Chief Happiness Officer. Focusing on happiness is more than just a feel-good experience, too, considering employee contentment reduces turnover costs and spurs innovation and productivity. Keep people happy and they don’t go anywhere!

2 – Rise of the hipster office – Goodbye cube farm, hello coffee bar! Future-friendly workspaces will inspire workers to meet other people and chat, over a cold-brew coffee or a brew-house ale. That’s not distraction—it’s how innovation happens. These spaces also do something CEOs love: they create experiences that attract and retain talent.

3 – Every company is a tech company –Technology has transformed virtually every industry, so much so, that many companies from vertical industries now identify as tech companies first. Case in point: even Dominoes now identifies as a tech company…that just happens to sell pizza. And while the more traditional Silicon Valley tech companies may have introduced the corporate foosball table, these days, any sector benefits from embracing workplace tech trends that make us better at whatever we do.

4 – Robots are joining the ranks – Contrary to common concern, the insurgence of robots will be less about replacing, and more about collaborating, with traditional human roles. What does this mean? Your next new colleague may be a robot, and that could be a good thing. Human roles are still vital in most enterprises, but the introduction of robotic co-workers can help prompt new roles for humans, and uncover new efficiencies for automation.

5 – Hyper-personalized workspaces will know what you want, before you want it. Imagine a workplace that knows your preferences as well as your spouse or best friend. Cognitive computing is making that a reality, and it will anticipate and produce employees’ ideal environments, from preferred temperature and lighting to music selection. And this can happen without the employee even having to touch a screen. Biometrics like body or retinal sensors can set up and personalize a workspace without even being asked.

It’s a wrap
Future-focused offices are more than just a place to hang your hat or set up your laptop. Carefully curated for maximum productivity and collaboration, these spaces help companies and the people who work for them embrace change and create opportunities.