Amazon To Open Up To 6 Additional Cashierless “Go” Stores In 2018

Amazon plans to open six more “Amazon Go” storefronts this year, according to Recode.

The locations may include Seattle, the location of the first and Los Angeles. Reports say Amazon has had serious discussions with Rick Caruso, the billionaire developer, about opening a Go store in The Grove, his 600,000 square-foot outdoor shopping Mecca, sources told Recode.

In Seattle, Amazon had made note of at least three potential locations for new Go stores as of last year, a source said. The first Amazon Go store was opened after a year of delay that amplified public hype over its Just Walk Out technology, a system in which shoppers would scan their phones on entry, grab what they needed off the shelf, and get charged the correct amount as they leave without time waiting in line at a cash register.

Amazon hopes its plan will take brick-and-mortar shopping to new heights as its Amazon Prime system did for online purchasing and delivery.  The Amazon Go store employed no cashiers, but it did include greeters, and people working a kitchen to prepare hot food and meals, and someone to check IDs near the section for beer and wine.