Chatbots: The Future Of Retail?

There is a trend towards investing in technologies that manage the customer experience manifesting in the form of the spread of chatbots and voice tech across industries.

Some early adopters include virtual assistants and chatbots by consumer brands in recent years, while Amazon has integrated its Alexa assistant into its e-commerce experience, not to mention day-to-day tasks like controlling heat and light conditions. Walmart and Target have adopted Google’s voice technology.

Many major brands have adopted chatbots as well such as:

Other studies predict that retailers will invest more in these technologies as consumer comfort and expectations evolve, possibly at the expense of mobile platforms like mobile apps and websites.

Retail sectors are still figuring out their relationship with AI in general, despite these trends. A recent report from Globant unit PointSource found that 80% of retail customers still don’t like dealing with chatbots to solve problems after purchase. Furthermore, 71% of those surveyed said they like having human assistance over automated help while searching through stores.