VR Mall Park Launches In Dubai

A “VR Park” the first of its kind, will be opened in Dubai in the earlier half of 2018, reports Arabian Business.

This is according to Emaar Entertainment, the leisure and entertainment subsidiary of Emaar Properties. Emaar reports that the VR park will take virtual reality developers from around the world “to deliver an unprecedented and awe-inspiring” experience, including using immersive experiences such as games, roller coasters, educational adventures.

The VR Park will be set across two levels of Dubai Mall. Its vision focuses on “shared escapism” as a concept, with attractions lettings visitors engage with each other and essentially “live” in the VR experience along with their friends and families.

There are reportedly plans for a café as well. Other, similar parks have been established in multiple cities, including Guiyang in the Guizhou province of China and Miami, Florida.