Walmart Is Adding Hundreds More Pickup Towers To Its Stores

Hundreds of Walmart locations around the U.S. will see the addition of Pickup Towers to their shopping experience, reports Fortune.

Once the retail giant installs 500 additional Pickup Towers in various U.S. stores, it will have a total of 700 of its out-sized delivery kiosks ready for action by the year’s end.

Walmart first unveiled the towers last fall as a simpler way for people to order goods like toothpaste online and then retrieve them from self-serve machines.

Walmarts reports that 500,000 orders have been placed using the kiosks since their debut. The kiosks are big enough to hold items like televisions, according to Walmart.

Walmart is aiming to stay competitive given the trend of online shopping (mostly from Amazon) with features such as these kiosks.

Meanwhile, Amazon has been rolling out comparable products such as the Instant Pickup program, which lets people pick up purchased goods from official Amazon vending machines dispersed at various city locations.

The e-commerce and retail giant also launched its Hub delivery lockers so that people can retrieve their orders where they live.

Walmart reports it is  “testing additional concepts, similar to the Pickup Tower,” in a company blog post after referring to a relatively new partnership with Google to let consumers place Walmart orders via the search mega giant’s voice-activated system.

Because Google and Walmart both work in Amazon-like domains such as retail and voice assistants, it is possible that these two will continue to partner up in a fight against Jeff Bezos’s company.