Fifth Wall Ventures Announces Expansion

Last year, Fifth Wall unveiled its top-down model of investing and raising capital from the biggest purchasers of real estate technology and delivering that to tech entrepreneurs in the Built World. They have announced 20 investments from real estate/tech companies since launch. They have structured 36 partnerships with strategic LPs to speed up portfolio growth, and have made the following announcements and updates:

  • Roelof Opperman and Vik Chawla have been promoted to Principals on the Investment team. Opperman has expertise in office, multifamily and hospitality verticals. He led investments in Industrious, LimeBike, and Hippo for Fifth Wall. Chawla brings a strong background in logistics, retail tech, blockchain and other real estate-oriented technologies to the table. Chawla led Fifth Wall’s deals with Opendoor, Blend, as well as others.
  • KC Cleary is the newest partner at Fifth Wall. Cleary oversaw Fifth Wall’s relationships with strategic real estate LPs and portfolio companies, along with Natalie Bruss, who was announced recently as a partner as well. Clear was formerly an Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company, spearheading transformations for consumer and retail clients, and was a founding member of a new solution that delivered sophisticated analytics insights to real estate owners and their tenants.
  • Adam Demuyakor will take on the responsibilities of leading long-term engagements with companies that join the Fifth Wall portfolio, following a successful role as the leader for investments in Enertiv, Clutter, and Urbint.
  • Kate Bassett will join Fifth Wall’s team as an Associate Strategist, focusing on strategic partnerships and the company’s content marketing efforts. Basset has worked at WME | IMG in both television and communication.
  • Luke Williams Fifth Wall’s first hire on investment team beyond Brandan Wallace and Brad Greiwe, the founders, along with Michael New, and Katherine Miller have moved up to new roles as Investment Professionals, as have Charlotte Keesler and Josh Schwartz. Keesler formerly a Investment Banking Analyst at Deutsche Bank in New York, while Schwartz was an Investment Banking Analyst for Centerview Partners in San Francisco, CA.