FUEL Announces On-Demand Cloud Platform Integration With VTS

A new development in cloud-based technology aims to make it possible for real estate investors to assess the value accretion of speculative leases straight from LOI to closing.

The asset valuation and forecasting platform FUEL announced on-demand connectivity with VTS, the top leasing and asset management platform in the commercial real estate industry, according to a release.

“Leasing is a fluid activity that changes every day,” said Glenn Murray, CEO of FUEL. “VTS delivers real-time, continuous visibility to all constituents across the leasing process. Meanwhile, as leasing activity changes, so then does the financial outlook and valuation of an asset. By connecting these two previously offline processes, FUEL has transformed asset valuation and forecasting from a function that was performed manually and periodically to one that is performed automatically and continuously.”

Clients of FUEL now have access to an integration tool that opens paths to live VTS deals inside the company’s application and apply them to models they are developing. Users can also connect chosen VTS deals to auto-update the model and comprehend incremental changes to the property as the deal evolves. This is made possible through modern web-service architecture that cuts out the need to punch in data by hand in order to make platforms synch up.

“At VTS we are constantly looking for innovative ways to provide an architecture that empowers a connected and informed data ecosystem.” said Nick Romito, Founder & CEO of VTS in the release.

“The industry is demanding that systems integrate with one another and FUEL/VTS partnership is a clear example of a collaboration that brings major benefits to the industry and mutual customers. This speculative lease data is an essential part of any forecast and now with this partnership our joint customers can leverage data in ways that were not previously possible.”