Yardi Acquires Co-Working Technology Firm Phoenix Broadband

Yardi recently announced it acquired Phoenix Broadband Ltd, a business tech firm that specializes in hardware and infrastructure solutions for shared workspaces, reports all work.

The Scotland based tech firm is known best for its Medusa business brand. Medusa is a service to control tech resources in shared workspaces.

Access to simple, secure, manageable technology is a key component of a shared workspace. Medusa offers hardware and software to let multiple companies work with centralized cloud-based business networks, Wi-Fi, voice services and more, not to mention IT solutions.

“We are delighted to become part of the Yardi family, and through them, ensure Medusa is the leading network technology powering the boom of flexible workspace in the real estate industry,” said Tony Freeth, principal for Medusa. “We believe our clients will benefit tremendously from Yardi’s investment in the future of coworking.”

A crew of 10 including a help desk, developers, and sales and management will keep operating from the Scotland office. Late in 2017, Yardi bought WUN Systems, a coworking software management platform maker based in Florida. A significant number of coworking spaces utilize platforms from WUN and Medusa.

Phoenix Broadband Ltd. was founded in 2002. It serves the market of shared workspaces for clients that include business centers, real estate managers, and IT firms along with coworking spaces.

Yardi, founded in 1984, produces and supports investment and property management software for real estate companies.